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EPOD – June 14 – Sun Pillar Over Lourinhã, Portugal

EPOD – June 14 – Sun Pillar Over Lourinhã, Portugal

Sun Pillar - EPOD

EPOD – Sun Pillar Over Lourinhã, Portugal

June 14,2018 – EPOD

Photographer: Paulo P. Pereira
Summary Authors: Paulo P. Pereira; Jim Foster

One afternoon earlier in the spring I noticed this striking Sun pillar on the western horizon. It was visible for more than 30 minutes. After the Sun had set it turned red and pink (lower right photo). If ice crystals are stacked horizontally in cirrus clouds and tipped in the direction of the viewer, then the Sun’s waning light is reflected in the form of a column or spike. Note also the extended sundogs on either side of the pillar, approximately 22 degrees from it and the position of the Sun. Photo taken on April 16, 2018.

I’m very glad this picture was nominated as Earth Science Picture of the Day. A big thank you to USRA and the EPOD team, so as to Dr Jim Foster for the brilliant summary.


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