Paulo P. Pereira

Fine Art Photography

Welcome to the shop - Buy Fine Art Landscape Photography - Cotton Canvas Print Through the years, I’ve photographed memorable moments. The canvas prints available...
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Image Editing

Image Editing The photograph outturn is not as you expected? Sometimes, the photographs seem different from the observed moment, due to technical reasons and equipment...
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Restoration of Old Photographs

Restoration of Old and Damaged Photographs A professional service by Paulo P. Pereira Old photographs pass down memories generation to generation. Over time the images...
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The Ideal Sunset

The ideal sunset is not the one you see and wish you could have been there, but the one we watch and store in our memories.
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Serra de Montejunto

A place where there is a set of species of fauna and flora characteristic of the region.
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Countryside and Beach

A contrast between the verdant green of native species and the blue where the land ends and the sea begins.
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Walking in the countryside

Walking in the countryside is much more than just walking. It is to engage in communion with nature and to meet beings and species that completely ignore the Man.
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Infrared view of Fonte dos Frades

Really near the infrared, which is not visible to us, there’s a spectrum that equipment can register.
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Wild Flowers

A burst of tones in these natural planted seaside gardens. It is an immersive and healthy experience that I recommend.
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The contrast of red poppies and green ears of wheat reminds us that Nature awakes for another cycle.
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Earth’s Day

Earth, too, is like these little bubbles that support life!
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Praia de Santa Cruz

These are moments of great tranquillity at low tide that I capture in these images, revealing a serene landscape.
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