Paulo P. Pereira – Photography

Paulo P. Pereira provides a range of specialized services:

Restoration of old photographs

  • Restoration
  • Colorization
  • Black and white
  • Sepia

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Image retouching and editing

  • RAW editing
  • Enhance
  • Details
  • Color

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Landscape Photography

  • Fine Art
  • Nature
  • Light
  • Wallpapers

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Restoration of Old and Damaged Photographs

Paulo P Pereira - Restauro de Fotografias Antigas

Paulo P. Pereira offers a specialized service for the restoration of old and damaged photographs, with a long experience and an extensive portfolio. From simple retouching to complete restoration of the photograph, detail recovery, stain removal, retouching of folds and torn areas, colorization of old photos, as well as color correction. The restored photograph can be provided in black and white, soft sepia, or natural color.

Photography | Image editing | Restoring of old and damaged photographs