Projection of Light

At late afternoon, the sun is on the horizon projecting the shadows of the clouds in the fog.

Ideal Realm

Ideal Realm Often the grandiosity of the moment depends on the light. As you might have seen, there are two worlds reflected in this image. The first world, at the top of the image, the sky is the Intelligible, Ideal Realm. At the bottom there’s a reflection that is an …

The Cave

The Cave Penedo do Guincho – Santa Cruz – Torres Vedras – Portugal The sedimentary strata in the cliff cave area gives strong evidence of being part of an ancient continuity of Penedo do Guincho itself. Based on the number of layers and their alignment we can deduce that thousands …

Summer Solstice

  Summer Solstice 2016 Solstício de Verão 2016 Praia de Santa Rita – Torres Vedras – Portugal

Night in golden reflections

The night in golden reflections Penedo do Guincho Praia de Santa Cruz – Torres Vedras – Portugal  

Crystalline Sea

Crystalline Sea Praia Formosa – Santa Cruz – Torres Vedras – Portugal  

Penedo do Guincho Low Tide

Penedo do Guincho Low Tide Praia de Santa Cruz – Torres Vedras – Portugal  

Praia do Penedo do Guincho

Praia do Penedo do Guincho The tranquility of crystal clear deep blue waters contrasts with the golden sand. It is not always like this, but the real gem consists on rarity. Santa Cruz – Torres Vedras – Portugal

Surfing in the Cloud

Surfar na Nuvem The amazing light of sunset lit the giant clouds. In the last moment some beams illuminated the highest parts of the clouds. An epic instant of Portuguese coastal with a fantastic sea that invites to surfing.

Circumzenithal Arc

  Arco Circumzenital – Um Sorriso no Céu A Grin in the Sky An Circumzenithal Arc paints the sky this morning, few minutes before a dark gray raining day. A “smile in the sky,” aka a circumzenithal arc, Friday, over Portugal, by Paulo Pereira — EarthSky (@earthskyscience) January 25, …

Wallpapers Paulo P. Pereira

Paulo P. Pereira | Theme | Desktop backgrounds Coastal Portugal theme Pastel skies glow over warm sand and deep blue water in this free Windows theme, featuring the picturesque beaches of Torres Vedras, Portugal. Download