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After filling in the order form I will contact you to confirm the data received and I will send the information for the payment through Bank Transfer.
After confirmation of payment your order will be processed.
Shipping costs are not included in the price (on request).
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Shipping to countries outside Europe on request.
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The prints provided are high-quality prints to get a colour close to the original.


In accordance with European legislation, you also have the right to cancel the purchase and return the products purchased within 14 days from the day of delivery, provided that the item is properly accompanied by the invoice, in the original packaging and without any signs of use.

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  6. Prohibition of providing for download.

Each image will be licensed and given a number referring to the usage in order to ensure the authenticity and authorization to the author, the company that develops the work and the client.

The rights are untransferable and non-sublicensable.

For editorial purposes must be included “Paulo P. Pereira®” in the credits.

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