Paulo P. Pereira - Photography


Welcome to the photography gallery!

On photography, I count on an attentive look to understand nature and light. It is this state of contemplation that allows me to immortalize the pure essence of that narrow time window, in each photograph. In these galleries, I share some photographs that represent the place, the moment and nature from my point of view.

  • Landscape photography
    The usual landscapes in special moments, in diverse climatic conditions and lights that allow to exponentially express the nuances and the places.
  • Waterscapes
    I’ve always had a great fascination for the sea, especially because I live in a coastal region full of picturesque landscapes. My proximity to the sea provides the constant possibility to record these special moments. It’s a landscape that changes every second, a natural and harmonious dynamism I try to bring to your screen.
  • Animals and Plants
    During my photographic moments, sometimes I find some species of animals and plants that I can’t miss the opportunity to photograph. It is these pieces of life that make up the great landscapes, we just need to be attentive to the small details nature gives us daily.
  • Night photography and Astrophotography
    Night photography and astrophotography, you are given the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of singular moments, increasingly rarer to observe in a modern world with so much light pollution. The Milky Way, fantastic moonlights and eclipses remind us of how small we are before the Universe.
  • Infrared photography
    Infrared photography is a technique with which I show you a segment of the spectrum invisible to the human eye. These images are not an artistic manipulation, but rather the record of the reflection of close to infrared light rays (72nm) which become more evident in the foliage at certain times of the day. This is a somewhat complex process, requiring proper techniques so that the final result is surreal and dreamlike. They often remember the cherry blossoms, given the rosy hue the leaves acquire. Equally, Infrared photography provides beautiful high contrast black and white photography.
  • Monuments
    Portugal has a rich history, with its own times and styles. Monuments are the timeless representation of this journey over generations and currents of thought, keeping its function and the spirit of each period. Nowadays, from the iconic Sintra Palaces to the modest ancient ruins and landmarks, together they mark the human presence in the landscape. Even though it isn’t the photographic subject I explore the most, I’m not indifferent to its importance.
  • Photographed with 35mm Negative Film
    In the 80’s, I discovered my vocation for photography. Later, in the early 90’s, I bought my first analog SLR camera which allowed me to develop my photographic skills. The price per photograph conditioned the number of shots. In my case, often a 35mm film for 24 photographs has recorded 25 or 26 images. There wasn’t that much freedom to experiment, to test creatively, because there weren’t real time results. Anyway, I give you the opportunity to enjoy my earliest pictures.

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