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Fine Art Photography

Welcome to the shop – Buy Fine Art Landscape Photography – Cotton Canvas Print

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Through the years, I’ve photographed memorable moments. The canvas prints available for purchase on this website are prints of high quality originals printed on cotton canvas. By buying this prints, you will be the owner of an artistic and aesthetic representation of little fractions of time immortalized and transformed into Fine Art landscape photography. They express my point of view of the places in very special and rare conditions, fruit of a lot of persistence and hard work.

Decorate your home, office or business space with the pure essence of light that inspires tranquillity and well-being.

By Paulo P. Pereira

Fine Art Canvas Features:

  • Photographic print in cotton and polyester canvas, stretched and attached to the frame;
  • Ready to hang (hooks included);
  • Delivered in packaging suitable for shipping and transport (corrugated box, canvas protected by film).

Image Editing

Image Editing

The photograph outturn is not as you expected?

Sometimes, the photographs seem different from the observed moment, due to technical reasons and equipment settings while shooting.

Get a final image closer to your expectations! Ask for an estimate and I will improve your image, valuing your work.

Professional digital processing guaranteed, with 20 years of experience in the field, from the small touch to the most elaborate editing or photomontage. I often collaborate with demanding companies, having very positive results and excellent references.

A vast portfolio developed over several years, aiming to the final customer, photographers, companies, brands, as well as known artists. My work fulfils high quality requirements, having images published in magazines (national and international), TV shows, Web, books, posters, newsletters and show business.

I offer batch processing, editing, colour correction, brightness and contrast adjustment, watermarks, RAW file processing, among many other options.

I also develop photo galleries and optimize images for web publishing, such as in websites and social networks.

Processamento digital

Restoration of Old Photographs

Restoration of Old and Damaged Photographs

A professional service by Paulo P. Pereira

Restoration of Old Photographs. Professional restoration, retouching, and editing service. Black and white, sepia, and colorized.
By Paulo P. Pereira
Restoration of Old and Damaged Photographs – Paulo P. Pereira

Old photographs pass down memories generation to generation. Over time the images deteriorate. We realize details have been lost, spots and mould appear, discoloration and other changes occur. These physical and chemical changes caused by both handling and exposure to adverse conditions, age a valuable photographic memory that will be lost forever.
With a long experience in restoring old and damaged photographs, over the last 25 years I have provided professional quality services in the field while preserving the dignity of the original. I have an extensive portfolio of photo restoration works, some of them published in magazines.

Request for information on the restoration of old or damaged photographs.