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Paulo P. Pereira

I’m Paulo P Pereira, a self-taught Portuguese photographer with a natural talent to find special moments. I’ve been chasing the pure essence of light for the last 3 decades, always following intuition and insight. What’s more fascinating about photographing is the possibility to capture a fraction of time and immortalizing the moment. Photography is much more than just grabbing the equipment and studying all the technical aspects. It starts with a vision, guiding me outside to be in communion with Nature, resulting in sensations attached to the pictures. I bring a piece of each sight and place to you, all condensed on a unique image. Photographing is a peaceful state of mind. Light, coincidences, and photographer in synchrony.

Photography has led me to have the pleasure to get a set of my photographs titled “Coastal Portugal” featured on Microsoft Windows Personalization Gallery.

I’ve come to a moment on my career where I felt the need to convert the virtual images into something tangible. So, I selected the most eye-catching, memorable and aesthetic photographs in order to give you the opportunity to have those fractions of time on canvas.

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