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Paulo P. Pereira
Paulo P. Pereira

My name is Paulo P. Pereira (Torres Vedras, Lisbon, Portugal, 1972). I’m a self-employed professional with 25 years of experience in post-processing and image editing with best-in-class software from the most prestigious brands.

I started working on commercial management and vector design in the early 90’s. At that time, I invested in excellent equipment and training. Later, in 1997, with a new professional equipment combined with the indispensable Photoshop 5.0, I jumped into the world of digital photography with great challenges for the time. Nowadays, the hardware and software resources are absolutely incredible which allows me to go further, put my experience into practice and reach a level of excellence in the final art.

In the late 1990s, I published articles on digital editing, photomontage, and photo restoration in thematic magazines.

Over the course of three decades, I have developed and improved techniques from the minimal retouch to the most elaborate editing of RAW files, non-destructive editing, and photomontage. I often collaborate with demanding clients, having positive results and excellent references.

I also perform the digital restoration of old and damaged photographs, which is something dear to me. I provide a professional service that restores to photographs their place in history, preserving the dignity of the original and conserving irreplaceable memories.

Over all these years, I have developed a vast portfolio of works for the final client, photographers, companies, brands, as well as artists known to the public. My work fulfills high quality requirements, suitable for magazines (in some cases foreign magazines), TV shows, the Web, books, posters, and newsletters.

Photography has been a hobby since I was a teenager. With a natural talent for finding special moments, I have been chasing the pure essence of light for the last three decades, always following intuition and insight. What’s more fascinating about photographing is the possibility to capture a fraction of time and immortalizing the moment. Photography is much more than just grabbing the equipment and studying all the technical aspects. It starts with a vision, guiding me outside to be in communion with Nature, resulting in sensations attached to the pictures. I bring a piece of each sight and place to you, all condensed on a unique image. Photographing is a peaceful state of mind. Light, coincidences, and photographer in synchrony.

Photography has led me to have the pleasure to get a set of my photographs titled “Coastal Portugal” featured on Microsoft Windows Personalization Gallery where you can download them for free.

I’ve come to a moment on my career where I felt the need to convert the virtual images into something tangible. So, I selected the most eye-catching, memorable, and aesthetic photographs in order to give you the opportunity to have those fractions of time on canvas.

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