Time Lapse – Clouds and Sea

To the eyes of the man, time passes so fast! During our lives we seize fragments of those times in memory. I share this little time lapse, registered at the Porto Novo and Santa Rita beaches. The illusion of movement in 500 photos shown in 20 seconds. Paulo P. Pereira …

Praia de Santa Rita

Santa Rita Beach I immortalized this moment at Santa Rita Beach, where the low clouds reflect the last sunbeams. Thus resulting in a range of soft colours highlighting the foam of the waves.

Surfing in the Cloud

Surfar na Nuvem The amazing light of sunset lit the giant clouds. In the last moment some beams illuminated the highest parts of the clouds. An epic instant of Portuguese coastal with a fantastic sea that invites to surfing.

Circumzenithal Arc

  Arco Circumzenital – Um Sorriso no Céu A Grin in the Sky An Circumzenithal Arc paints the sky this morning, few minutes before a dark gray raining day. A “smile in the sky,” aka a circumzenithal arc, Friday, over Portugal, by Paulo Pereirahttps://t.co/rN9Jskm5Cn pic.twitter.com/dnzYr5Vza0 — EarthSky (@earthskyscience) January 25, …

Wallpapers Paulo P. Pereira

Paulo P. Pereira | Theme | Desktop backgrounds https://pauloppereira.com/wallpapers/ Coastal Portugal theme Pastel skies glow over warm sand and deep blue water in this free Windows theme, featuring the picturesque beaches of Torres Vedras, Portugal. Download  

Praia de Porto Novo

Night View of Porto Novo Beach Vista nocturna da Praia de Porto Novo Porto Novo | Maceira | Torres Vedras | Portugal

Santa Rita

Stone of Santa Rita in 1995 Rochedo de Santa Rita em 1995 Praia de Porto Novo | Maceira | Torres Vedras | Portugal Minolta Dynax 3xi 35mm Color Negative Film | Película Negativa de 35mm Fujifilm’s color negative films (35mm) G400

Palácio Nacional da Pena

Palácio Nacional da Pena | Palace of Pena The Palace of Pena – The most beautiful castle in Europe! O Palácio da Pena – O castelo mais belo da Europa!‪ PARK AND PALACE OF PENA www.parquesdesintra.pt Sintra, Portugal